18 Innovative Repurposing Projects to Upcycle Flooring Tiles


18 Innovative Repurposing Projects to Upcycle Flooring Tiles

Have you ever replaced your flooring? Have you used flooring tiles or linoleum and then realized that you bought too much? And have you thrown away that excess simply because you didn’t know what else to do with it? I have and recently I had the pleasure of installing new tiling onto my kitchen floors. When I was finished, I noticed that I had quite a bit of flooring left so I started wondering what I was going to do with it. I mean, you can’t really return it if the box is open or if you’re using precut linoleum, so what can you possibly do with all of that leftover flooring tile?
18 Innovative Repurposing Projects to Upcycle Flooring Tiles

I wondered the same thing so I started looking for repurposing projects for it. You know I love to repurpose anything and everything. In fact, I have a great list of 20 carpet repurposing ideas that you are going to love. I’ve also found 18 different ways that you can repurpose that leftover tile. Or, if you are tearing up tile and replacing it, you could use that old tile to do many of these projects, too. From planters and desks to coasters and serving trays, it’s all in here and you are going to be amazed at the many things that you can make with that leftover or repurposed tile.
I will always look for the repurpose in something before I automatically throw it out. I mean, have you checked out these 25 calendar repurposing ideas? There really is something that you can find to do with just about anything that you are planning to throw in the trash and I just love helping you to find these awesome repurposing ideas. If you’re ready, we’ll take a look at some of the most innovative ways that you could possibly repurpose and reuse that old tile and help you to save money, try new things and possibly make a nice little gift or two for someone special.

1. Cute 80s Inspired Planter

Cute 80s Inspired PlanterIf you are a fan of the 80s then you will love this colorful planter that is inspired by the style of that groundbreaking era. You make it with old tiles that you can have left over from a current project or that you take out to replace. Just use those ceramic or marble tiles to create the box for your plants and you can paint or add other colors as you want using acrylic paints.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

2. DIY Hexagon Tile Coasters

DIY Hexagon Tile CoastersUse those tiles to create these lovely coasters. If you want them to be in a hexagon shape, you will need to cut them but you can also use them in the shape that they come in. Just add cork or felt to the bottom using glue to help protect tables and that’s all you really have to do. These are really easy to make and would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holidays or anytime you need a special homemade gift for someone.

Tutorial: merrimentdesign

3. Repurposed Tile Jewelry Hanger

Repurposed Tile Jewelry HangerIf you have hexagon tiles on hand, you can use them to create this lovely jewelry hanger. The tiles work as holders for your necklaces and bracelets and the entire project will only take you a couple of hours to complete. You could do several of these, depending on how many tiles you have on hand, and fill an entire wall in the bedroom so you always have somewhere to hang your jewelry. DIY jewelry holders are among my favorite things to make!

Tutorial: theblondielocks

4. Repurposed Marble Tile Necklace

Repurposed Marble Tile NecklaceBits of that marble tile that you have on hand can be used to create stunning necklaces and other jewelry. If you are tearing up marble tile, this is a great project for those pieces that don’t come off intact. If you have a few chips or smaller pieces you can use those to make your own marble jewelry. These are relatively easy and really great as gifts for the holidays.

Tutorial: themerrythought

5. DIY Craft Room Desk

DIY Craft Room DeskBuild this great little desk in just a weekend and you can use that old flooring to create the top and even the sides if you want to really decorate it. The desk can be made with wood that you have left over from other projects and it’s perfect for adding some organization to your craft room. Once you have the desk completed, add your wood flooring, tile or other flooring material to the top to give it a nice decorated look. Don’t you just love DIY desks?

Tutorial: howtonestforless

6. DIY Repurposed Flooring Bowling Alley

DIY Repurposed Flooring Bowling AlleyTurn that old flooring into a fun and exciting bowling alley in your backyard! This is pretty easy to make and it’s a great project to include the kids in. they will adore building their own bowling alley and you will have so much fun using it over the years. You can use linoleum, wood flooring or those sticky tiles to create this and it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

7. Easy Tiled Kitchen Table

Easy Tiled Kitchen TableHere is another wonderful table idea that would be beautiful in the kitchen. You can also use this mixed tile and glitter grout idea to create a craft table or to redo your bedroom dresser. DIY coffee tables are always such a cheap way to add some great décor and this kitchen table is easy as well, and it’s really lovely with its marble tile and glitter grout. It’s also pretty cheap to do, especially if you have a handful of tiles leftover from your re-flooring project.

Tutorial: brit

8. DIY Hexagon Tile Serving Tray

DIY Hexagon Tile Serving TrayThis hexagon serving tray is lovely and you can honestly use any tiles that you have on hand. They don’t have to be hexagonal shaped. If you have a handful of tiles leftover from your re-flooring or if you have pulled up a few, you can use them to create this gorgeous little serving tray. You’ll need a piece of plywood and your tiles along with grout and other supplies. This would make a wonderful gift for the holidays or an upcoming wedding.

Tutorial: alwaysrooney

9. Easy DIY Honeycomb Tile Vase

Easy DIY Honeycomb Tile VaseThis tile vase is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and it’s super easy…not to mention cheap… to make. You just take a plain old vase and cover it in hexagon tiles, or you can use sticky tiles in a hexagon shape. Even if you bought the tiles for this one, it would still be relatively cheap and the finished product is absolutely gorgeous.

Tutorial: alwaysrooney

10. DIY Marble Tile Magnets

DIY Marble Tile MagnetsUse those leftover marble tiles to create adorable magnets for the kitchen or your office. These are super easy to make and can be customized so that they make the perfect gift for someone special. You can cut your marble tile into the size and shape that you want or literally just add magnets to the backs of entire pieces of tile to make larger magnets that you can paint and add other embellishments to.

Tutorial: themerrythought

11. DIY Repurposed Flooring Side Table

DIY Repurposed Flooring Side TableCreate a beautiful accent table with that left over flooring. You can build this one from scratch and it’s great for adding a little style to any room. It would be the perfect table for holding plants or you can use it as a mail catcher. The great thing about this one is you can mix and match your tile and flooring to create a lovely unique look that you are definitely not going to find in any furniture store.

Tutorial: sweetpeachblog

12. DIY Tile Covered Patio Table

DIY Tile Covered Patio TableYou can also use those leftover or used tiles to create a lovely outdoor table. This upcycled patio table project is pretty quick and easy and it’s the perfect project if you have a couple of boxes of tiles left over. You just add a plywood top to an old table and then use your tiles to create something spectacular.

Tutorial: seekinglavenderlane

13. Laminate Plank Signs

Laminate Plank SignsCreate signs that you can use to decorate your entire home or give out as gifts and you can use those leftover laminate planks to do it. You just use stencils to create the messages that you want and then add in any decorative pictures that you want and paint them on your planks. Or, you could cover the entire plank with chalkboard paint and make yourself a few mini chalkboard signs. I love chalkboard paint projects – they’re so versatile and fun!

Tutorial: kammyskorner

14. Gorgeous DIY Tile Art

Gorgeous DIY Tile ArtIf you don’t really know what else to do with those leftover tiles, you can use them to create lovely artwork that you can hang in your home or give away as gifts. These are super easy to do and you can use marble or laminate tile or even those little peel and stick tiles. Just create a design with your tiles and then frame around it. You could even use plain tiles and draw on your own designs with sharpie pens.

Tutorial: 365days2simplicity

15. DIY Tile Photo Coasters

DIY Tile Photo CoastersPlain white ceramic tiles can be used to create lovely coaster sets that have images of your favorite people or places. These are perfect for gifts and they are super easy to make. You just use mod podge to attach the image to the tiles. These are so gorgeous when they are finished and they really are perfect for gifts for someone you know who seems to have everything.

Tutorial: popsugar

16. Glass Tile Terrarium Hurricanes

Glass Tile Terrarium HurricanesIf you have clear glass tiles, you can use them to create these amazing terrarium inspired hurricane lamps. I love the shape of these and they are really easy to make. You will need a few glass tiles for each hurricane that you want to create, as well as a soldering iron, mirrored tiles and a few other supplies. These are really lovely and perfect for gift giving.

Tutorial: brit

17. DIY Laminate Dining Room Table

DIY Laminate Dining Room TableUse that laminate flooring to create a beautiful dining table. You will need a piece of plywood to create the actual tabletop and then you use your laminate flooring to give it a lovely wooden look. Or, you could us any type of laminate to make tables for the kitchen or just about anywhere else you need them. Paint the legs white and use wooden laminate look flooring to make yourself a really gorgeous, and really cheap, farmhouse style table. You know how much I love DIY farmhouse furniture!

Tutorial: seakettle

18. DIY Tiled Countertop

DIY Tiled CountertopDid you know that you can create your own tiled countertop with those leftover tiles? You can and it’s pretty easy to do. This can be done with any number of flooring types depending on the look that you want to create. Just choose the cabinet that you want to redo and then add your marble tiles, sticky tiles or laminate flooring for a cover. This is a great way to renovate two rooms at once and it saves you from having to buy a new countertop.

Tutorial: abeautifulmess



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